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Q: If space is assignable, but it is “Unassigned” who manages the space?

A: All space is owned by the Provost until they are allocated to a Division/Department. Once space is allocated to a Division/Department, they can assign the space as they see fit. If space is being used inefficiently, further space allocation can be impacted by the inefficiency.


Q: Why is room number missing, in MetaBIM?

A: Most likely, the room existed but after reconfiguration of walls, the room was eliminated from the floor plan. Feel free to reach out, if you need to confirm a room number by emailing:


Q: What do you mean by “Primary Use”? This room is used for a lot of different purposes.

A: Primary or predominant use is the actual use of the room. The human activity element is the driving factor used for determining the "Primary Use" of the space. Contact if you require assistance with room use classifications.


Q: One of our rooms isn’t showing in our inventory. What do I do?

A: Go to the Building module, select the Building in which the room is located, and click on “Space Inventory” next to the photo of the building. This will take you to the room list. Check that the upper right corner selection box shows “Complete Listing”. Find the room number and click on it to open the room record. If it is listed under another department, it could be that a change was made in the past and the database was not updated. Work with the appropriate people in your department and the other department to confirm that the room should be updated, please contact . An update to your space allocation, in MetaBim, may be needed by submitting a space inventory matrix.